Iliana Rose is a fantastic musician. Born in Miami and raised by Cuban parents and grandparents she is steeped in Cuban rhythms and culture. Being a genuine prodigy she started playing music at the age of four. After years of classical training, she graduated from the prestigious University of Miami as well as the National Piano Guild with performance degrees.

​She moved to Los Angeles and with her band, “The iliana Rose Cuban Jazz Band” she began performing at festivals, corporate shows, temples, weddings and fundraisers. For four years Iliana was the keyboard player on the national T.V. show Noches Con Platanito.

​Currently Iliana is the musical director for several projects spanning multiple genres including The Arsenio Rodriguez Project: a 12 piece band playing traditional Cuban music. Las Chikas: LA’s hottest all female salsa orchestra. Opera singers Maximo Marcuso and Veronica Bell and Cuban theatrical singers Candi Sosa and Cristina Rebull. In addition she is also the musical director for own her band, The iliana Rose Cuban Jazz Band.

Iliana produces full length albums, plays recording sessions and is also an excellent recording engineering. She composes music for films and arranges songs for Latin jazz bands with up to twenty five pieces.


Las Chikas

InStep Original Music


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